The (HR) world is changing rapidly.

What challenges does your organization have?

  • Do employees feel responsible for their development, vitality and leadership?
  • Is the onboard process optimal?
  • Are employees connected with mission and core values?
  • Is there qualitative data to make the right decisions?

Our goal

is medewerkers het beste uit zichzelf en hun werk te laten halen en de verbinding met de organisatie te versterken. Voordeel voor jouw organisatie: gemotiveerde, vitale en bekwame medewerkers.

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The plan

  • Connect employees with the mission, strategy and core values.
  • Inspire and activate personal development, leadership and vitality.
  • Use these tools for onboarding, feedback, goal setting and learn from the data.
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Is your organisation ready to adapt?

Here we get out of bed for

Ahold Delhaize

We used a derivative of My Career Notes for our HR day. The book was developed in a very short time, received very well internally and gave the day an extra boost. Compliments to Belmondo.

Anne-Wil Esmeijer-Kip
Manager Management Development

Gemeente Helmond

Belmondo exceeded our expectations. The book invites you to reflection and development. But even better, tells the story behind the mission and vision of our municipality. In appealing language with beautiful supporting design.

Mieske Seegers-de Jong
Manager development and mobility

Pawlik Netherlands

We have been working together with Belmondo for more than a year, to our complete satisfaction. Short lead times, quality and flexibility make Belmondo the right party for Pawlik to develop various customized books.

Henk-Jan van Hees
Managing Partner