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Eén app voor de hele employee journey. Voor onboarding, feedback of duurzame inzetbaarheid, voor interne communicatie, events of alles in één: met onze app op maat bieden we klanten voor iedere doelstelling een passende oplossing.

  • Informeer, inspireer en verbind met video, tekst, PDF en meer
  • Stuur pushberichten, e-mails of groupchats
  • App is toegankelijk op zowel mobiel als desktop en tablet
  • Geheel in jullie huisstijl
  • Zeer korte leadtimes en beperkte investering

Benefits for

  • Perform feedback effortlesly and intuitively
  • Align with managers and set development goals
  • Access to latest company news and learnings
  • Learn and network with everyone at the company

Benefits for Leaders

  • Bind new hires get to work faster and feel more at home in their new company culture
  • Automate feedback rounds and get rid of long email chains.
  • Learn through the data
  • Connect with your employees remotely.

Support and setup

Getting everything setup and running can be 
a daunting task, but thats why we really walk with you through the process until you are all set by yourself. 
we have a support team standing by and many step by step videos

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