If you invest in health, involvement and development, this will result in more healthy, motivated and competent colleagues. With our apps and books, employees get to work in a low-threshold way with personal development, vitality, leadership and more.

Communicate your leadership vision and let employees actively get started.

360 feedback aanvragen

Our Employee App is used in various ways, including 360 ° and team feedback.

NVD vitaliteit

Happy employees are up to 20% more productive. How vital is your organization?

  • Voordelen medewerker
  • Voordelen organisatie
  • Employee gains more insight and structure in own goals and plans.
  • With more insight training and coaching can be chosen more effectively.
  • Waardoor zij wendbaarder en flexibeler voorbereid zijn voor de toekomst.
  • Learn from data from the app with the aim of facilitating employees even better.

Getting started with sustainable employability?

Custom book and app

Effective: encourages the development of and connection with employees
Relevant: tools for vitality, leadership, feedback, onboarding and more
Widely deployable: for continuous support or for a one-off event, program or campaign.

Custom app

Low-threshold: intuitive app, complete but without overload of functionality.
Modular: app can be used throughout the entire employee journey, or per step of the journey.
Datadriven: you develop as an organization, learn from your employees and facilitate them even better.

Custom book

Even offline: offers peace in the digital world and provides tangible guidance
Increases: the visibility of HR.
Helps: to adopt even more important information.

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